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patty sm

The fully cooked, sauce-less patty.  The "ribs" are created as part of the formation of the pork at the meat processing plant.

weight patty_sm

Patty weight = 92.8 grams (box has been zeroed out with scale)

patty length_sm

The patty measures approximately 6.25 inches in length.

patty width_sm

2.75 inches wide...

patty rib_length_sm

The "ribs" are 2.5 inches long...

patty rib_width_sm

and 0.5 inches wide.

patty rib_spaceBetween_sm

Spacing between ribs is about 0.75 inches.

patty height_sm

The patty sits 0.5 inches tall.

patty cut_half_sm

And now the part you have been waiting for...


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