Welcome to McRib Deconstructed!

We deconstruct, look inside and examine all aspects of the elusive McRib.





The McDonald's McRib consists of five ingredients:

Bun / Pork Patty / Sauce / Pickle Slices / Slivered Onions

For this deconstuction we will be using six McRibs, three without sauce.



PART 1: The fall 2010/2011 box that transports the McRib. 

The roughly 6.5"W x 4"D x 2.25"H box is already shaped and glued when it arrives at the restaurant.
Printed with around a dozen colors.

Click on any image for high resolution: 






Left side

box_side_b_sm.jpg Right side 


 Look who's on the back reminding us to properly dispose trash...


PART 2: An average sauce-less McRib

It is important to use one that has never been bathed in sauce to preserve the size and shape, as well as provide for easy measurements.

full ns_side_sm

Side shot.

full ns_front_sm

Nice profile!

full ns_open_sm

Top off...

full ns_notop_sm

Overhead.  Onto the bun...

bun ns_sm

Bun, and... 

bun open_ns_sm

Slightly toasted.

weight bun_sm

Weight = 67.2 grams (box has been zeroed out with scale)

bun measure_ns_sm

Length = 5.5 inches

full ns_notop_side_sm

You can see the overhang of the patty.

full ns_notop2_sm

Width = 3 inches

patty sm

The fully cooked, sauce-less patty.  The "ribs" are created as part of the formation of the pork at the meat processing plant.

weight patty_sm

Cooked patty weight = 92.8 grams (box has been zeroed out with scale)

patty length_sm

The patty measures approximately 6.25 inches in length.

patty width_sm

2.75 inches wide...

patty rib_length_sm

The "ribs" are 2.5 inches long...

patty rib_width_sm

and 0.5 inches wide.

patty rib_spaceBetween_sm

Spacing between ribs is about 0.75 inches.

patty height_sm

The patty sits 0.5 inches tall.

 PART 3: The Inside

patty cut_half_sm

patty half_sm

The two halves...

patty half_CU_sm

Close up of the half...

patty bisect_sm

Time to bisect the half...

patty butterfly_stack_sm

patty butterfly_sm


patty CU_sm


patty CU_measure_sm

Thank you viewing the deconstruction!

cast 2_sm